The Children Of Yoshiwara 2

Artemisia Presents…

The Children of Yoshiwara 2,┬áreleased on 4/20/2012, is the second in Ryan J. Barber’s The Children of Yoshiwara series. Lovers of Underground Hip-Hop, enjoy…


1. Intro to Yoshiwara

2. Welcome Back to Yoshiwara

3. We Came to Party

4. M.O.B.

5. Bonnie & Clyde

6. This That (Remix)

7. Be There

8. I Love You Niggas

9. Before I Kiss Medusa (Explanation)

10. Let Me Get You Stoned (2)

11. Noir Paradise

12. No Brown Blunts (Only Garcia Y Vegas)

13. Mother Mary

14. 1 Year Running

15. If We Ever Stop

16. Outro to Yoshiwara


Founded in 2011, Artemisia is a Memphis, TN-based art groupe whose current focus is music and gallery art. Our lair is located in the heart of downtown Memphis, in our penthouse recording studio that is open to all for recording, mixing, & mastering for ONLY $10/hr ($15/hr on weekends). We LOVE feedback, so listen to/download our FREE music, and tell us what you think.


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